Services that we provide

By focusing on wide range of sectors such as e-marketin, e-business, e-gov and e-consulting, we're able to provide your company with a diverse selection of services. Depending on what you require we might deliver the most effective solutions that improve the communication and performance both inside and outside of your business.

Learn more on our official website here - What we do or read a short summary of our services below.


1. Business websites

We're experts in web development and web design. Our services range from creating and building a simple business sites to very complex ones.


2. E-commerce websites

Our team of specialists is ready to deal with any project you require - creating, implementing and improving your online store website is just one of the thing we do.


3. B2B, B2C

To improve the communication of your company with both business clients and individual ones we implement and integrate data gathering / data share systems.


4. Mobile applications

Applications that have the same level of usability but are available on your mobile device. Work in different conditions, no matter where you are.


5. Outsourcing IT

We realize that everyone has knowledge in different areas. With that in mind, our speciality is internet technology. Outsource your IT affairs to Ideo and don't stress about them anymore.


6. Intranet systems

Enhance communication and performance in your company. Implement Intranet - a simple to learn, yet very effective data sharing system. Information within the application is protected by the password and available only to users with the access.


7. Dedicated applications

You dream it, Ideo makes it. The applications that we create are not only suit to your needs, they are also professional and neat.


8. Social-media portals

It's crutial for most companies to understand the importance of social-media in 21st century. Incompetently handled profiles can cause more


9. SEO consulting

A treding segment of our work is SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. We work on making your website stand out of the competition and be on the highest place of the google search results page.


10. Mobile presentations

By professional integration of various forms of communication - text, image, sound, video - we make your presentation attract more attention and improve it's assimilability.



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